Success Resources is one of the best last minute decisions I have ever made! If anything I must thank Rob for telling me that there were still tickets available. Besides, their marketing wasn’t that flash. Because when I read the ad, it said that the event was sold out. Turns out the cheapest rates were sold out but the middle tier and the upper tier were still available! And you know what – I could afford the middle tier. And the nuggets I learned from this one day outshone almost everything else I could possibly hope to learn.

Janine Ellis

ST_JE-2The best part was that this lady is a Knox girl! Who would have thought? I was so impressed by her talk and the fact that in her career she took so many risks. As she recounted her time from a model that worked on a yacht owned by Bowie to the multiple businesses she’s had to get to where she wants. It was absolutely insane!

And here are some of the messages from her talk that really resonated with me:

“Self Education will make you a success. Courses gives you a job”.

Everything she has ever done, she has had to learn by herself and pre-dominantly the hard way. It turns out, in business, you should actually yearn for failure, because you learn so much more that way. And personally, I can vouch for the truth in this. My biggest growth came from standing up for myself and now looking back… probably not in the best way possible. Huh? Who knew hindsight could be so amazing!

“You’re most unhappy customers are also your source of greatest learning” – Bill Gates

Yes and no. One, you need to ensure that you have the right customers complaining and then, if they are, it’s a good thing. It means people care. However, always remember that with social media – the worst ones complaining seem to rise to the top. So in my own words: “trust but verify”.

“Less Talk. Be the company that will do f**king anything for the customer”

Within reason.

The 7 Most Expensive Words in Business: “We have always done it this way”

This is also true for life in my opinion. If you are looking to gain something different, then you need to be willing to do things differently.And you always learn more from your losses than your winnings. What can stop us:
* Resistance to new ideas
* Risk Appetite
* Too much innovation: white noise
* Lack of urgency

If you really want to be someone of value then consider:

The person that comes up with solutions, takes ownership and is accountable and responsible for what s/he says.

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